LaCantina Door products are about transforming and innovating open spaces. Above all else, LaCantina Doors connect the indoors and out by eliminating walls. Our wide range of products, materials, finishes, size and configuration options provide almost limitless applications for residential and commercial projects, with any architectural design.

LaCantina Doors are engineered and designed to be easy to operate. Seeing a LaCantina door in action for the first time, the possibilities will unfold right before your eyes. Whether embracing the outdoors or protecting your space from the elements, a LaCantina Door is designed to deliver every time.

LaCantina products are 'Architecturally Correct', meaning the folding door panel, sliding panel and swinging french door panels are all made with the same dimensioned stiles & rails for even appearance between products.  This means you can have a swinging french door, folding door and sliding door in the same view area and all will have the same dimensioned stiles & rails !

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